Sunday, June 10, 2012

Makenna's & Emma's Birthday Party

Getting their presents from Corey the magician

Coloring pages

Their Star of the Shows Awards all framed

Doing a magic trick with Corey

The wand magic trick, that made Emma cry

You can't tell but here the wand has flopped over because Corey's back was to the girls , all the kids were laughing because the wand was flopping over everytime he turned away but Emma thought they were laughing at her

Makenna doing another magic trick, she made a coloring book that had no color in it, waved the wand over it and the book was all colored in....magic, Makenna now wants to be a magician when she grows up:)

Clapping for the birthday princesses

The magician turned Anneliesse into a rabbit

The kids watching the show

Corey won over Emma again after the show with face painting

So serious

A flower for my flower

After the magic show we moved right into the pinata

Get it Emma

Will's turn

Anneliesse's turn, is it rude I only took pics og my kids and neices and nephews hitting the pinata and not the other kids? Oh well

Iris' turn. Makenna was snuggling up to Aunt Debbi waiting for the candy to fall out, we could not convince her to hit the pinata, I think she thought if she was the one to break it open she would not be as fast to pick up all the candy


Pin the tie on spongebob. Brett freehanded this spongebob and i cut out construction paper ties, I missed getting pics of the kids actually doing it though because I was getting the cake ready

Haha, how cute is Afton in her balloon hat, sweet girl<3

Friday, May 11, 2012

All American Day

Kenna was so happy to see me and Emma there:)
How cute is she?
Mrs. Gallant teaches the kids sign language to go along with each song, that's why their arms are waving around

More singing
Geeting her All American award
She was trying so hard to be so serious but a smile kept creeping out

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Kenna's Kindergarten Field Day

Relay Race
Cute little bum
Sweetest girl ever!!!
This was Kenner's favorite activity

Scooter Race
Circle of friendship
Prettiest little girl ever!
Waiting for the relay
Playing on the playground
Kenna showing Emma her cubby (that's Aiden in front of Kenna with the long hair)
Kenna and Jolene
Mrs. Gallant and her favorite student:)