Sunday, March 15, 2009

Our Amazing Two Year Old

So I know I blog alot about Emma's accomplishments and I just wanted to take a minute to write about Makenna and what an amazing person she is growing up to be. Lately Makenna has gone from being very uninterested in Emma to being just the best big sister I have ever seen a two year old be capable of. She loves to hold Emma's hand and help her walk and she loves even more to stand Emma up and put her in a bear hug and "dance" with her. She is the first one to race to Emma when she lets out a cry and is very concerned with how her little sister is feeling. She is the only person who can get Emma to crack up just by looking at her. Now that Brett is back to work full time, Makenna helps me out with everything from bringing me diapers for Emma to scrubbing her little sister down in the tub. Emma has starting eating these biter cookies (which most moms know make an absolute mess) and Makenna who has a bit of OCD when it comes to messes will follow her sister around when she is eating them, wipe in hand, cleaning ANYTHING that Emma even comes close to, I have got to get this on video. I cannot accurately describe how funny this is and the disgusted look on Makenna's face when she does this is too priceless not to capture. More than being a great big sister Makenna is becoming more of a little kid now and less of a toddler. Even though she hates seeing messes Makenna does not mind making them. She LOVES jumping in mud puddles and playing outside ( I seriously think she would live outside if I would let her). I don't know where she gets her outgoing personality from (Brett and I are both very much introverts) but she will go up to ANYONE and start playing with them. This is fine when she's out on the playground but it's too funny when she'll go up to other little kids in the store and start randomly hugging them. This has seriously happened more than once and sometimes it scares the other little kids, but I cannot help but laugh and try to politely pull Makenna away. One of Makenna's biggest accomplishments lately is that she pretty much has down her ABC's and is now working on numbers. The other day we were in the car and Makenna was counting her bingo chips and I listened to her count flawlessly to 20. I was so impressed with her. Not to belittle the fact that Emma's walking at 8 months but it only took Makenna a year to learn to walk but it's taken her over 2 years to learn how to count correctly, by herslef, all the way to 20 and I am just SO proud of her and I am so blessed to be her mommy.