Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fall Fun

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting There...

I must start off this post by saying i am so excited how Emma's bum has started to clear up that i wish i could take a picture of it and post it. I have never been so proud of how someone's bum looks as i am of Emma's cute little tush. So, as you can tell Emma's bum, although it is still swollen and still has a few open sores on it, is drastically improved. Makenna's bum has all but cleared up and her dosage of antibiotics has been dropped. We got the culture back and it was indeed MRSA that Emma had, but of course, she had an unusaually difficult strand that didn't react to the regular antibiotics used to treat MRSA and hence she is still on these super antibiotics. Emma still has to go see the surgeon tomorrow but we are expecting him not to want to do surgery seeing how much improved her infection has gotten on the antibiotics. We saw the doctor yesterday, who is still not as enthusiastic as i am about the rash clearing, because she still feels like the infection can come back or mutate and get even stronger, plus she is not pleased that Emma still has sores and swelling and still wants to see her back in the office. The doctor also, already wrote a presricption to extend Emma's antibiotics past 10 days. So, for now we are bleaching/disinfecting ANYTHING that may possibly carry the MRSA virus on it and throwing out what we can't disinfect or bleach and we have to give Emma and Makeena their antibiotics every 8 hours until the infection is completely gone, but like i said it is getting better and we are SO looking forward to hopefully NEVER having to deal with this again. I told Emma after the heart murmur, and all the worry she's caused me over this she is NEVER allowed to get even so much as a cold again!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Update on Emma's hospital stay :(

Ok, so for those who don't know, poor little Emma has had a rough time lately. It started last Monday, Makenna got sick with a stomach bug and Emma developed a weird hard lump on her bum. Tuesday, Brett and i took both girls to the doctor, Makenna was feeling better, but Emma's lump had grown. We were told both girls had impetego ( a weird rash) on their bums, and the doctor scheduled a recheck for Thursday. In the meantime, Emma got SUPER sick, throwing up, high fever (even with ibuprofen), by the time we got to the doctor's thursday she was a little better but still a mess. The doctor was pleased to see Makenna's rash improved, but when she looked at Emma and her lump she told us we needed to go to the hospital. Emma was admitted right away. The goo coming out of her lump was cultured (we are still awaiting those results). Emma saw a surgeon who was considering surgery to lance the absess and clean it out, but the surgeon wanted to hold off on surgery as the anesthesia would be harsh for such a small baby (Emma is now down to 26 lbs 7 oz, she's lost over 4 lbs. in a couple months!!). So, long story short Emma recieved 24 hrs of IV and injection antibiotics and after 20 hrs. of not having a fever she was sent home last night. Like i said they are still waiting on the results of the culture, but they are assuming and treating Emma for MARSA which is a super strong staph infection that is highly resistant to any form of medication. The doctors have put both Emma and Makenna on these super strong oral antibiotics 3 times a day. Emma goes back to see the surgeon at his office thursday morning who will then decide if Emma's lump is getting better with just antibiotics or if she will need surgery to clean it out. In the mean time we are all parying that Emma stays well, if she gets any sort of fever, or throwing up again or if her absess starts to ooze again she will have to go back to the hospital (which after being used as a pincushion there she REALLY hated it there). So, for all those who have been calling and texting thank you for your concern and we really appreciate all the prayers and well wishing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Aunt Lynn went skydiving sunday for her 60th b-day then came over for cake and to celebrate!

Makenna's best friend "peanut" is with us at least one day a week now, while his mom goes to school, they have SO much fun together.

Makenna making cookies.

We CANNOT get Emma to keep her clothes on, she LOVES, LOVES being naked, and even more so since she discovered her nipples, too funny!

Uncle Jamie stopped by for a quick visit while he was in NY.