Sunday, November 7, 2010


Makenna with her haul.
Emma trying to steal "nana's" breakables.

Ready for trick-or-treating

I love Halloween, and I LOVE, LOVE how much the girls love Halloween. This year Halloween was especially fun, the girls totally got the holiday this year and were counting down the whole month of October. Our Halloween was spent going to our town's costume contest and parade with Aunt Stasia, Cheito, Baby Sophia, Grandma and Grandpa. The contest is always lots of fun and the kids got all hopped up on sugar and donuts there. After the town thing we headed back to Stasia's mom's (the girls call her nana) house, where the kids ran around like crazy people, and there were LOTS of other kids there. The kids ran around outside and everyone loaded up on dinner before taking ALL the kids out for trick or treating. Emma was hilarious trick-or-treating. Every time someone would put candy in her pail, she would shine her flahslight in her pail and check out what she got. Plus, Emma was the littlest one actively trick-or-treating in our group, so while all the other kids raced up to the doors Emma was lagging behind, running her short, chubby legs off yelling tik-o-tweet while holding out her bucket, wish i could have video taped it, it was so stinkin' cute. Half way through Emma pooped out on us, Stasia tried to take her out of the stroller to go to a house and Emma just said "All Done tik-o-tweet", again so cute!! Makenna was funny too, her and Cheito were so overly excited to go trick-or-treating that when they got to people's doors they would SCREAM "trick-or-treat" like 50 times as loud as they possibly could. Makenna also thinks you can trick-or-treat whenever you feel like it. Since Halloween has been over Makenna keeps asking if we can go again, and does not understand why it's not an everyday activity.