Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter & More

The girls Easter Baskets
Dyeing Eggs
Aunt Claire's and Uncle Jason's Easter Party. We had so much fun, the girls were in love with the baby bunny, and the Easter bunny even came!
I was super bad at getting lots of pics this Easter, I think I was just too busy enjoying everything to dig out the camera, but I am glad I got these two together. Makenna and Anneliese are not just friends because they are cousins but these two have a special bond, they really super enjoy being together and are just so sweet together, true BFFs!
Our little wierdo
Emma passed out at the dinner table. She is starting to out grow her naps, but still has some off days where she falls asllep in the oddest places.
I don't care that she's goona be five soon, Kenna will always be my little baby, love that sweet face
Since Daddy's been laid off Emma has been super glued to him. She seriously won't even let me get her out of her car seat if Daddy is there to do it, such a little stinker, but i got to admit they make a pretty cute duo.
Haha, poor girl was told not to horse around with her cup of goldfish in her hands, but she did it anyway and they spilled all over, here she is cleaning them up, love it.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The 2 Little Princesses

Makenna got stickers at the store, when we got home I told her she was not allowed to stick them on the furniture or walls, so she stuck them on her sister.
Whenever I cook or bake the girls hover around me trying to help, and who can resist these little faces, not me.

Silly Little Emma
I took the girls to the portrait studio to get their pics done for Eatsre, but Emma threw such a fit the photographer told us it would be better if we came back at another time. Instead of going back there, this time I took the girls to their favorite park to do pics, because I knew I could bribe them with playing for a while if they did good, and it worked.

SO in LOVE with these two dolls.
The face of trouble