Saturday, August 14, 2010

My Princesses

Poor little Emma just had her top four front teeth crowned, we are just so thankful she did not have to have them pulled. She's been a champ through it though....mommy and daddy not so much, glad to have it over with and done, hope she feels all better soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010

My Favorite Place in the World

The girl's sitting on the seawall in town
My grandparent's house from the beach

Where else can you find a beach like this with absolutly no one else on it?

My grandparent's house from the harbor.

Scituate, Massachusetts. I have two favorite places that i could just spend the rest of my lfe happily at, one is Disney World and the other is Scitaute. Scituate is a small fishing town about 45 minutes outside of Boston. Qunitessentailly a small New England fishing town. It's where my Dad spent most of his time growing up, and where my grandparents lived my whole life until they passed away about 5 years ago. At one point all of Scituate was owned by my Dad's family, the MacDonald's and I still have lots of second and third cousins there. My grandparent's owned the best house, it's sits on a private beach on one side and across the street in the harbor. Unfortunately after my grandparents passed away my Dad's family sold the house, but I have been wanting to take Brett and the girls here since we moved back to New York. Unfortunately, Brett couldn't go, but the girls and I took my mom for her birthday last week. It was the first time the girls have ever seen the ocean. I still am holding out hope that I can get Brett here before we move back to Vegas. I know he would love it. Anyway, I just wanted to post some pics.