Thursday, February 25, 2010

The 3 Great Loves Of My Life

and here's some more pics to enjoy.....
"Helping" Grandpa open his birthday presents, mind you the girls helped me wrap these presents the night before, and were so excited to see what was in them .

Emma playing hide and seek.

Playing with my camera last night......

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Emma's Sick :(

Emma is seriously taking years off my life. I was woke up this morning by Brett telling me "Emma can't breathe we have to take her to the emergency". Brett is not anywhere near the neurotic parent i am so if Brett feels like Emma needs to go to the emergency room i know she's in bad condition. Thanks to my awesome parents who will drop any and everything for their kids and grandkids, they took Makenna, for the second day in a row, and Brett, Emma and I were on our way to the ER in under 10 minutes. Soon as Emma got in the car and the cold air her breathing got better. Long story short, she's got a bad case of croup. The doctor's at the ER gave her a steriod shot and breathing treatment, and i think she's feeling better, although she still sounds pretty terrible. Makenna only had a pretty mild case of croup once and i've never had it so dealing with a serious case for the first time is pretty scary. We are hoping and praying that Emma gets better ASAP, and this clod stops getting passed around our family.
On a lighter note, we are starting to get packed up for our big move to Vegas. When we moved back to NY from Vegas we only had my car and Brett's car packed with stuff, how is it that in 3 years we have accumulated SO much stuff? Crazy. It gives me headache to think about boxing it all up, but slowly and surely it's getting done.
Brett has taken up a pretty cool hobby. He started making knives from scratch. He's done a couple and they are so cool. He has made some handles out of dear antlers. He made me a beautiful knife out of cedar he found in our backyard. He even makes the blades by hand, he gets steel blanks and shapes and sharpens them into knives. I think these will be great peices to hand down to our children and grand children, very cool.
And one last anybody else's kids obsessed with these zhu zhu pets? They are Makenna's new passion.