Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter & The Pups

Yay the Easter Bunny Came!!!!!
The Easter Bunny always leaves a egg with clues in it right next to the girls' baskets. Makenna LOVES hunting for the eggs.
While Makenna hunted through the house Emma was checking out her loot! Wooohooo!!!
Kenna hard at work cracking the Easter Bunny's clues.
The prize at the end of the egg hunt. Makenna was kind of bummed because she still wanted to look for more eggs.
Easter breakfast. Choclate bunny.
Ready for church
Haha. I love Emma's "Smile for the camera" face, it's just so squishy
Emma 'smiling' again. Who can resist these faces?
Sweet girls
My princesses
Emma's done with taking pictures.
Now she's really done.
Baci Baby.
My little Lulu was so scared of the camera.
Baci at 13 weeks. Such a big cuddle bug. She lays like this every night with Daddy when he gets home, when we first got her she was smaller than Lulu and fit in the crack of Brett's arm.
Baci burger.
Kenna made me take this picture of her with her 'dog' Sammy
Wittle Wuwu. Kenna's widdle puppy.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter Bunny

Meeting the Easter Bunny
Face Painting

Balloon Animals

Happy Easter!!!!!