Saturday, August 20, 2011

Emma's Missing Tooth

Sweet Emma has not been blessed in the teeth department. I always thought it was something I was doing wrong that has lead to her dental problems, but was told by her pediatrician the absolute massive doses Emma recieved when she was 15 months old for a MRSA infection are probably the culprit for her teeth not being so great (and they may lead her to be slightly shorter than if she had not had to recieve such aggressive antibiotics). So I will continue to obsess over flossing and brushing, but not beat myself up when she hits a dental bump in the road. Anyway, Emma had gotten an absess on her upper front left tooth (which had already been previously crowned) and the only option was to pull the tooth before the infection got to her permanent tooth. Not easy for a three year old to go through, or her mom. Thank goodness Brett took the day off and stayed with her through the extraction. He said she was so braved and tried super hard not to cry and held her mouth open real good through the whole thing and just squeezed his hand. Her trying to be so brave kind of makes my heart break more than if she had just screamed the whole time. Anyway, it's over and done with and Emma likes using her hole to squirt water out of in the tub and stick straws and food through it. Plus the tooth fairy visited our house for the first time! The pic above are the girls with their tooth fairy prize, Emma was so sweet she even shared her prize with Kenna. LOVE THEM!
Yup the tooth fairy leaves money in plastic baggies, and anyone who knows our tooth fairy knows she is a bit of a germ freak and there was no way she was putting filthy money on something Emma puts her face on...gross to even think about
Sweet smile
Ok this is just a random pic of Emma eating Cream cheese straight out of the tub, she does this all the time and it grosses me out, but she goes through about a tub a week, as long as she likes it
We are beyond happy that Matt & Debbi and our super cute nieces and nephew have moved back to Vegas! We love them all so much and are so excited to have them close! YAY!!!!!!