Friday, March 25, 2011


Hidden Mickeys. So usually when we go to Disney Brett and I have these silly competitions like who can touch the most stuff you are not suppose to touch on the rides, this time we added finding hidden mickeys. Brett was really stertching to make some of his "finds" count as mickeys, but this mickey he found in California Adventure is pretty good. Brett took a picture of a bunch of the hidden mickeys we found and is planning on turning them into virtual geocaches....oh and Uncle Jamie how did you know about the planet one??? Still trying to figure that out

Emma couldn't even see over the steering wheel, but that didn't deter her at all from driving. Brett said every time he touch the steering wheel to try and help her out she flipped. Feisty baby.

Donald Ducks boat in Toon town

This was the first time we took the girls where they were big enough to go on some of the big kids rides (Emma still is no where close to the 40" required for most of the really cool rides thoug...dang). We took the girls on the Matterhorn, Makenna was scared and emma just screamed WHEEEEEEE the whole time.

BOO!!! For Rain

Yay!!!! For Cotton Candy!

Little Mermaid Carousel in California Adventure.

Tiki Room

Brett trying to get Makenna to smile first thing in the morning....not an easy thing to do

Love this action pic of Brett getting into the Astro Orbiter

We are SUPER happy Aunt Debbi and the kids got to meet up with us. They were like having our own personal DisneyLand tour guides.

This is the girls and mine tea cup a.k.a. the tea cup that does not go warp speed with Brett spinning it. During the ride Amara was trying so hard to spin the tea cup and she did NOT want my help, seriously cute!

Brett, Aunt Debbi, Koben and Emma's tea cup. Just watching them spin that fast makes me nauseous. Poor Debbi was still feeling the effects of riding the tea cups with Brett for like a half an hour after we got off the ride.

Where Emma belongs...caged:)

Emma was being feisty in some of the lines and tried to kick, punch and fight other kids in line several times......trouble these girls and I love how much they love each other!!! They are just too sweet together.

Pulling the sword from the stone

Emma's turn


Makenna had no idea we were going to DisneyLand, and she has been asking to go for forever now. We told her we were going for a walk to a park. The night before we left she was like "Sure are packing alot of stuff for a walk". The whole 4 hour ride there she kept saying when are we going to start walking??? We told her where we were just before getting on the tram, and at first she was confused, but once she say the pics of Goofy, Donald ,and Mickey on the tram her and Emma both started to flip out, they were SO excited...priceless

We had such a good time in Disney and now (BIG BIG THANKS to Debbbi) we have Annual passes and plan to go back REALLY soon.!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Movie Night

Brett has been working way too many hours lately and Makenna is seriously missing her Daddy. Most nights she goes to sleep before he gets home from work and she always tells me to make sure to wait up for her daddy to make sure he gets home okay, and to have him kiss her a hundred times when he gets home. She calls Brett alot at work and her favorite question for him is "when you get home tonite can we cuddle up and watch a movie together?". Well,last week Brett actually got some time off and Makenna got her wish of cuddling up on the couch and watching a moive with her Daddy, only after about 5 minutes she passed out...sweet girl.