Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sweet Girls

This is Kenna's "Blueberry face" I don't know why she calls it that but she does and when ever she makes this face it just cracks me up, so of course this is her go to face for when she's in trouble.
Now that Emma is potty trained I was putting away the few diapers left in her diaper bag and when I came back to put the bag away this is what I found, silly little muffin.
Obsessed. That's what Makenna and Emma are with their cousin Anneliesse. From the moment she leaves until we see her next the girls ask about her constantly. Any time we get in the car they think we are going to see Anneliesse and any time we get home they rush through the door hoping to find her. I am so grateful our girls have found such a good friend in our sweet niece, they are seriously the CUTEST together, love it, and I love them:)