Sunday, May 24, 2009

We're Back!

Sad but true. We are back in New York and already missing Disney, although we all bought home colds with us so maybe it was time to come home. Our immune systems just couldn't keep up with Disney hours. We had a blast and as soon as we can figure out how to upload pics from our new camera onto our computer we will post some pics ( I have to admit there are some pretty dang cute ones).

Monday, May 11, 2009

Off We Go

We are so excited to be leaving tomorrow to go to Florida. Tomorrow Brett, the girls and I are flying to go see my Grandma in Florida. We are going to spend the day with the girls great grandma and drive up to Orlando tomorrow night. Then we are going to spend the next 8 days in Disney World!!! We are SO excited and this vacation is even more special because Makenna is getting old enough to really have fun at Disney. She knows her disney characters and watches movies all the time so I think she is really going to flip over everything. I hope we figure out how to post pics once we get back because I'm sure we'll have some gems.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny, but not Acceptable

So I always get on Brett about watching his language around the girls, because sometimes his "kitchen" mouth follows him home from the restaurant. Myself, I have never really cursed much in my life so I never really thought I had any bad language to erase from my everyday speech until the other day. Last weekend the air conditioner in our living room broke. My dad bought a new one and was bringing it in through the front door when Makenna, sweet in her pink silk nightgown, marches up and ask grandpa "Are you bringing more crap into this house?". Something I would definitly say. She went on to use the word crap, correctly, for the next week or so and it still creeps into my otherwise sweet baby's language. I have got to stop using that word, and watch more carefully what I say around the girls. So, I guess two-year olds really do listen to EVERYTHING you say.