Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Brett Needs Surgery!!

It's been a really long day and it's late so I'm gonna make this short and sweet. For a couple of days now Brett has had a nasty cough and discovered a lump on his stomach on Friday. He tried to get a appointment with the doctor last week but the earliest appointment he could get was for today at 10:30am. So off we went to his appointment which we thought would result in a prescription for some cough medicine and antibiotics, boy were we wrong.
The doctor diagonsed Brett's lump as an umbilical hernia and thought his cough may be pnuemonia. The doctor couldn't get Brett's hernia to go back in and couldn't get hold of a specialist to look at it, so she sent us to the hospital for a chest x-ray and to see a surgeon about the hernia. After a long time spent at the hospital Brett has had four breathing treatments, a cat scan, and has been put on two different inhalers, steriods and antibiotics. The surgeon at the hospital wanted to operate on Brett's hernia today, but after hearing how bad his lungs are decided the surgery will have to wait until this Monday or Tuesday. The good news is that Brett's chest x-ray came back fine and they think he just has bronchitis or the flu, but they still want to wait until he is better to operate. All I can say is that I am really grateful we have good health insurance!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Lately when Makenna wakes up from her nap she cries until I let her take off all her clothes and redress herself in an outfit she picks out. This is one of her latest picks.

Makenna's first time playing miniature golf.

Makenna loved the Bronx zoo. Brett's favorite picture is this one of her trying to get up close and personal with the kanagroos.

Makenna's favorite exhibit was the sea lions.

Makenna at build-a-bear.

Sorry I haven't posted in so long, but Brett is back at work full time and I have no idea how to post pictures. First things first, Brett quit his job at the Purple House. It was pretty far away and the owners were incredibly unorganized and drove Brett nuts so he got out of there. I was pretty happy he quit, I could tell he really didn't like it, and I didn't want him staying at a job just because the pay was good. With as many hours a week as he works it's better he like the place than make a little more money. Anyway, he got another job pretty quickly at a restaurant called the Stockyard. It's only 3 miles away from our house. He's the sous chef there and likes it alot more. Before Brett started at the Stockyard he took the week that his parents came to visit us off which was really nice. We took a trip to the Bronx zoo while Brett's parents were in town and it was so much fun. Even though I've lived in New York pretty much all of my life I've never been to the Bronx zoo so it was pretty amazing to get to go. Makenna really enjoyed it and Emma really enjoyed being carried in the front carrier on mommy for most of the day. Emma had her one month appointment the beginning of August and she is already 11 lbs. 15 ozs. and 23 inches long! I'm sure she's grown more than that since. It seems like that girl has a growth spurt every three days or so. She is seriously the size of a five month old. A lot of poeple keep asking me why I give her so much more formula than breastmilk and it's because I don't think anyone could produce enough milk to keep her satisfied! Emma has also started smiling and laughing alot recently. Now that her personality is alittle more evident Makenna has really started to bond with her. She loves helping out with anything that concerns Emma. She will talk to Emma for quite a while, and sing her songs and tickles her. It is just the most wonderful thing to watch the two of them together, although at times Emma seems petrified of Makenna. There has been a few instances where Makenna has tried to pick Emma up before I could get to her and you can see the fear in Emma's eyes. One of my favorite things is that when Emma has spit up while sitting in her bouncy seat, Makenna will go over and wipe her mouth for her and kiss her. She does lots of sweet stuff like that for her sister. Makenna talks tons now. I am amazed at how much her vocabulary grows each day. We really have to be careful what we say around her, because she is just like a little parrot. Just tonight she told Emma to shut up when she started to cry, something she must have picked up from Brett obviously, but still pretty dang funny coming out of two year old' s mouth.