Saturday, February 28, 2009

Emma's First Steps!!!

Last night Brett (whos' been working with Emma on trying to walk for less than a week now)was playing with Emma and she took her first steps!! At first she only took 2 steps but she did it like 15 times after that and the most consecutive steps she took was 6 steps in a row! Emma just turned 8 months last Wednesday and we think she is a superhero for being able to take a few steps already! We are unbelievably proud. I broke out the video camera and we got some good footage of her walking all woobly. What's even cuter is that whenever Brett tried to stop getting her to walk she threw a fit, so she really seems to love her new found mobility. My ever sweet Makenna was cheering Emma on (literally, I mean she broke out her pompoms and was shouting "Go Emma, Go Emma, You can do it!") and every time Emma took a spill Makenna would rush over to her with hugs and to make sure she's ok. So, we just wanted to share our amazement and happiness with everyone and I will continue to bug Brett to post some pics of the girls soon and try to see if we can get the video of her on here too.