Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Yesterday Emma was playing with one of Makenna's birthday presents and Makenna was actually trying to nicely tell her sister that she wanted it when Emma bit her! Today Makenna had her yearly physical and Emma had her one year well baby check up and while Emma was getting her shots Makenna came over to hold her sisters hand when Emma bit her again! Just now Emma fell asleep in my arms and I laid her down on her fold out Dora couch in the living room and Makenna came up and kicked Emma! Guess she's got to learn what goes around comes around. These two are gonna be a handful.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Makenna is 3!!!

Happy Birthday Makenna!! Makenna has been waiting ALL month for her birthday and I am so excited for this birthday for her. It is really her first birthday where we have a whole day planned full of all of Makenna's favortie including the park, cake , balloons, Mc Donald's, sleeping in the tent with Daddy, Chuckee Cheese and some of her favorite people Aunt Stasia, Cheyo and Cheito!! Makenna also had a birthday party on Sunday that was alot of fun and trying to keep up with Makenna and Emma at the party wore me out! So, I can't even begin to list of all Makenna's accomplishments this year but she's gotten to be even more of a charater than she ever was, and i just have to share the following quotes.

Makenna: "Fella!"
Grandma: "Makenna the cat's name is Bella not Fella."
Makenna: "oh ok. Fella!"
Grandma: " No. Makenna look at my lips B-E-L-L-A"
Makenna: "no. You look at my lips F-E-L-L-A"
needless to say the cat is now called Fella.

Today at Makenna's Birthday party my cousin and his girlfriend were leaving...
Me: "Makenna, say good bye to your cousin."
Makenna: (playing with her other cousin) "Bye"
Me: "no. Makenna stop what you're doing, look up and say goodbye to your cousin."
Makenna: (Stops looks straight up in the sky)"Bye. Mommy was that better?"

I Love this girl more than words can say, she is a constant light and source of laughter.....Happy Birthday to my little Stinkerbelle

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday Emma!!

At 8:39 this morning it just happened that I glanced up at the clock and that is the time Emma was born at. I cannot believe my sweet little baby is one already. The first year zooms by so fast and so many changes take place in the first year. When I was looking at the clock this morning I was instantly reminded of the sweet little, helpless newborn Emma was just a year ago. Now Emma is still the sweetest, most peaceful little baby who loves to cause a little bit of trouble every now and then. Emma has started walking (again, but with more caution this time) but prefers to crawl when she needs to get somewhere fast. I love the way she walks, it looks like each step takes so much effort, and she doesn't really walk so much as stomp her chubby legs around. She also is a climber, she climbs up EVERYTHING, her favorite being stools we leave around for Makenna to use and chairs. Emma can drink successsfully out of a sippy cup and her absolute favorite foods are fruit and cookies. I would have to say that Makenna is Emma absoute favorite person and she loves to bother her big sister to get a reaction from her, but she also loves to follow Makenna around and even when Makenna is playing way rough or being a little bit mean to her sister Emma just sits there and smiles because she loves any time she gets with her sister. Lately, Emma has developed bad stranger anxiety and if we are out somewhere new she clings to me and gets this horrified look on her face should someone new come too close to her, I have to say I sort of enjoy her "mommy complex" as i know it's just a stage and won't last long. Emma turning 1 today is sort of bittersweet. I am sort of happy to have the first year behind us, I must admit I did not realize how much work having a newborn and a 2 year old would be, and it's sort of nice now that I don't have to hold and carry Emma everywhere and she can entertain herself now a bit. However at the same time I am sad that she's getting bigger and is losing her "baby" look more and more each day. I am so looking forward to this year. I am looking forward to emma talking more and more and just how much more interactive and her own little person she will become this coming year. Happy birthday my sweet little Emma-bear!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

First "Camp Out"

It is after 10 pm and Brett and Makenna have just headed out for Makenna's first " camp out". Brett got a tent for Father's Day and Makenna has been bugging him nonstop since Sunday to go sleep outside in the tent. Poor Brett. Makenna has him so wrapped around her little finger. Not only is today one of the hottest and most humid days we've had so far this year, but Brett does not go to sleep until about 3 or 4 in the morning so I know he is going to be sitting in the dark for a while tonite. When you add the bugs and the fact that I can already forsee Makenna waking up at daybreak, I feel bad for Brett (who works so hard all week and really enjoys his rest on his days off). The things we endure for our kids. I only hope Makenna knows how much her daddy loves her to be doing this with her, and how lucky she is to have such a caring, loving daddy. I know I am grateful to Brett for being the one to volunteer to sleep outside with Makenna, as Emma and I will be snug in our comfy beds in our air conditioned room with TV. We love you, Brett/Daddy.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, I know it's been two weeks since we got back from Disney World

but I'm still new to the whole blogging thing and since this is only the second time I've posted and the first time I've posted pics, hopefully it won't look like a 3rd grader put this together. This is Jason, Claire, Mandy, Makenna and Emma sitting in front of Cinderellas castle waiting for the fireworks.

Makenna and Anneleise were too cute together and weren't afraid to show they loved each other.

I think this is when I first realized how much of a terror Emma can be when she wants to. We had spent all day running around so I took Emmas sandals off to give her feet a rest and she started kicking the back of Makennas seat and her head, laughing when Makenna cried about it. She spent a fair amount of time pulling Makennas hair and kicking her so we finally put Makenna in the back even though she couldn't see as much.

I got used to this view by the end of our vacation. This is one of those moments when Emma was picking on Makenna and I had to stick my head in the side of the stroller to break it up. EMMA STOP TEASING YOUR SISTER. MAKENNA STOP BEING A TATTLE TALE. I thought they would be older before I had to say that for the first time.

It rained quite a bit when we were there so we ran around in ponchos.

Checking out their butts in the mirror.

They found this fountain and didn't wasted any time.

Animal Kingdom

These are two moments of terror. Makenna behind the wheel at the Grand Prix and Emma with us in Teacups. Poor kids.

We had so much fun and thnk you so much to Jason, Claire and Anneliese for flying out from Vegas. Thank you so much to Uncle Jaime for driving up to see us, and much love and many hanks to Debbie for taking Noah to Disney World.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dentist, Potty Training and That Dang Binky

Yesterday Emma had her first dentist appointment (Makenna also went to see the dentist and happy to report no cavaties and even happier to say no crying!). She did so great and only protested a bit at the end. She has her two bottom teeth and 4 teeth breaking through on the top. I am so anxious for her to get more teeth. Emma has a terrible gag reflex and is having a horrible time with table food so I'm hoping more teeth will mean she can chew up her food better and won't have such a rough time.
This week has been a big one for Makenna too. Besides going to see Dentist Michelle yesterday she is back at potty training and as of yesterday is working on giving up her binky. It was difficult for Makenna to give up her bottle a few months back and she still asks for one every now and then so I know the binky is going to be even tougher, but besides two breakdowns yesterday and one this morning she is doing okay with it. The potty trainging is not going so well. Makenna has a complete aversion to the potty and I've tried EVERY trick in the book. The other day when we were at the store I asked Makenna if she wanted to get a toy that she could only play with while she sat on the potty and she told me she didn't need a new toy that bad, for as much as Makenna LOVES getting new "prizes" this is not a good sign. But i will keep at the potty trainging and hopefully something will click with her soon. Because of all the "Big Girl" changes Makenna is going through now, Brett and I let her get a fish (something she's wanted forever, but we always told her she had to wait until she was old enough to feed and take care of it herself). Makenna is so proud of herself when she feeds her fishy, it's so great to see her have a sense of accomplishment for all she's trying to conquer right now. I can't belive in about 3 weeks we are going to have a 1 year-old and a 3 year old. We are so proud of them.