Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Daddy is so sad Emma's mohawk is getting long that he is training it to still stand up.

A rare photo of Brett up at 7 am on his way to his hernia surgery.

Makenna is way into tea parties. If you sit with her and have a tea party you will be her best friend.

Emma's first meal.

I have to point out Makenna in the corner of this picture. She was being so dramatic because Emma was sitting in her chair.

Doesn't it look like Boots is waving?

Brett did not know I was snapping this picture until after I took it. The girls have him so wrapped around their fingers. Do you notice his pillowcase is pink?

Chowing down after trick-or-treating.

She fell asleep after trick-or-treating on our way home, we stopped by to see daddy at work and when Makenna woke up at daddy's work and saw him staring at her, her first words were trick-or-treat. She cracks me up.

Ready to go home. Makenna gave up walking after about an hour of trick-or-treating. I was surprised she lasted that long.

Dora and Boots.

My sweet little pumpkin. She slept through her first trick-or-treating experience. Big thanks to Grandma for taking care of Emma while I hung on tight to Makenna.

If Emma uses it, Makenna will find a way to get back into it too.

Wubbzy pumpkin.

I jusat love love love Emma's eyes.

Makenna was obsessed with this pumpkin and wanted it lit up ALL the time.

She LOVES to paint. She's pretty good about not making an absolute huge mess with it.

Emma's Doctor Appointment

Emma had her appointment with the pediatric cardiologist on Tuesday and I am thrilled to report that she is just fine. She has what is called an innocent murmur, which is just the sound of her blood flow changing when she is excited or over stimulated. The doctor says she will grow out of it and she doesn't need to be watched or come back at all. Yay! Apparently most children have an innocent murmur at some point it just depends on who is listening to their heart and when. Some people can hear it and others can't. We are SO relieved and our family is extremely grateful for everyone's concern and prayers for Emma.