Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fourth of July / Disneyland/ Birthdays

Fourth of July at Grandma and Grandpa Scott'sSparklers
Fireman Makenna
Sourpuss Emma it
Emma crying, I still think she's uber cute even when she's crying
Love this little girl!
Every time we go over to Grnadma and Grandpa Scott's the girls insist someone drag them around the yard in this wheel barrow, this time Grandpa was a good sport and gave them countless rides around the yard
Emma's turn
Instead of a recital in ballet/tap class each girl does an individual show, where they get up and perform a planned dance. Makenna's dance was to Hannah Montana (of course) and she did marvelous!
Little Hannah
Emma waiting for Kenna to perform
They are all so cute together
Because we were in Disneyland on Makenna's birthday we got home late and there was no way I was going to start making her birthday cake at 10 at night so we let Kenny pick out one at the grocery store, she didn't mind as long as she got her chocolate cake
Kenna's birthday at home with Daddy
So sad leaving Disneyland
Mickey's toon town Fair, the girls LOVED this part of the park
The birthday girl in Goofy's chair
My little pumpkin in a pumpkin
If you go to Disney with my Dad then expect to stop for ice cream at least once a day, our girls are the freaks of our family picking out strawberry bars and cookie sandwiches instead of chocolate covered mickey ears.
Oh, Iloved seeing emma with Woody. Emma LOVES toy story so I was so excited she got to meet Woody. I also love that Woody is holding Emma's cup for her so she could hug him.
Pretty girl
Sweet baby
Kenna and her Grandma
Emma eating ice cream. After I took this picture we got in line for the Buzz lightyear ride while Emma finished her ice cream, people were stopping to watch her make a mess out of herself with her chocolate covered mickey ears, one family though she was so cute they even took pictures of my messy, chocolate covered baby.
The girls Birthday party, SO happy Grandma and Grandpa got to be here for the girls birthdays
Emma and Anneliesse playing in the squirting turtles
Kenna and Emmett, love these two together
The princess pinata smashed open, this was my favorite part of their party, watching the kids try to hit the pinata, Gabe was smart enough to grab ahold of the rope to smash it open for everyone
Daddy and his littlest princess
Emma and her Ariel cake
Ripping open gifts
I just love these two so stinkin' much!!!!!