Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Emma was confused by the warm weather and sun, here she is trying to play with her sled.
Kenna showing off her new hair cut.

Makenna and her best buddy.

Baby Sophia

Proud new mom.

Our town has all sorts of great family activites. Last weekend was the annual Easter egg hunt in town. The Easter bunny was there, along with baby chicks, rabbits, goats, lambs, alligators, turtles, plus after the kids each found at least 8 eggs they can trade in their eggs for a goody bag.

After all the hundreds we spend on toys these carboard boxes are big hits, they double as cars, houses and swimming pools.

Here's Emma putting on her own sunblock lotion, so independent.

Little Miss Emma all dressed up with her evening bag.

Kenna posing.
Makenna and Brett play the Wii for hours, Brett says Makenna's getting pretty good at it.

Oreo face.

Here are just a few of the trees brought down in our yard by the big snowstorm. These are not small trees, and it was like this all over our area, everyone's yards looked like this and the streets were blocked, crazy.

How can you not just want to squeeze this kid, man i love her.

Makenna plating her seeds. We are hoping for a nice vegetable garden this year.

Emma working on the computer.

Ready for dance class.

My Dad redid both bathrooms upstairs, this is the girls last bath in thier old bathroom.

Emma got Makenna's old tap shoes and she LOVES them, whenever itake them off her she cries "dap doos"

Emma hard at work on her "puzzles"

Emma's favorite person is Daddy. She loves her Mommoy and knows i'm the pushover, but she is a total Daddy's girl.
March has been a busy & fun month for us. March started out with us getting over 3 feet of snow in under 48 hours on March 2nd & 3rd. Hundreds of thousands of people in our area were out of power for a week or more, luckily we never lost power, just cable for about 3 days. It was crazy, we couldn't even take Emma out in the snow because it was almost over her head. We took Makenna out but she couldn't walk as the snow was up past her hips. Brett, Makenna and I stood in the backyard while it was still snowing and all you could hear were the trees snapping all around us from the weight of the snow. So, we went from this massive snow storm and the snowiest winter since they've been keeping records to one of the warmest springs we've had in a while. We've already had several days over 70 here and the forecast for the next several days is mid to high 70's and maybe reaching 80. This will be the first Easter since Makenna was born that we will not be wearing Jackets for our Easter egg hunt this year! Exciting! Brett is still looking for a job but is thrilled to be driving again! It so cute to watch him drive he has a smile on his face that he just can't wipe off, it's like a kid on Christmas, we are so excited and proud of him and ALL he's accomplished. We are still unsure of wheater or not we'll be moving May, June, July or in like 2 more's all still totally up in the air. Ick. On a happier note we are SUPER happy my VERY best friend in the whole world gave birth March 29th to baby Sophia. Makenna is absolutely in love with Sophia (as are we all), she was born at 7 lbs. 12 oz. and is just so sweet and pretty. Brett and I have been totally loving holding Sophia and loving on her, I always forget just how little newborns are, man I wish they would stay that way for longer. Our family has also gotten in geocaching, for those who don't know.....geocaching is like a high tech scavenger's fun.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


We really need to get Emma off the bottle but she WILL NOT take a cup. At least by this age Makenna was taking a cup during most of the day, but Emma absolutely refuses to even look at a cup. One day we were out running errands and I only bought Emma a cup with us thinking if Emma got thirsty enough and only had a cup handy she would have to take it, so wrong, she just screamed he lungs out until we got home....bad idea, won't ever do it again. Emma gave up her binkies so easily that i thought the bottle would be easy too, wrong again. Any one have any ideas what to do with a kid who won't let go of her bottle?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Think It's Funny....

That Emma's Favorite word (and action) is "PUSH"

Makenna saw a commercial for a toy she wants then turned to Brett and I and said "Maybe you guys can buy that on EBay for me"

Makenna is mildly obsessed with playing the Wii, seriously cute.

Emma was supposeto give Daddy a "head butt" (of course Brett encourages this) and instead poked him in the eye, Brett wound up at the doctor's and is on antbiotics for the nasty cut Emma put on his eyeball

Emma Head Butts, really cute, but hurts when you're not expecting it

Makenna's pet fish died (well over a week ago) , we never told her, just got rid of the body and bowl and she has not even asked about it.

When Emma cries she always says "I'm sad"

Makenna's potty buddy is Emma, she will not sit on the potty by herself so Makenna makes Emma come with her and Emma will stay with Makenns until she's done.

Emma loves doing crosswords, she puts on grandma's glasses, takes grandma's puzzle book and will sit there for a good hour "doing puzzles" ever so serious.

Makenna HATES cold weather and particularly the snow, we have literally had to force her to go outside this winter, and play in the snow. Thank god it's warming up, FINALLY!

Monday, March 8, 2010

I am SO in love with....

Excuse the smudges on Kenner's face we were playing with the chalkboard.

Monday, March 1, 2010

News About Our Move...

Getting ready to move for us has been sort of bitter sweet. We are SUPER excited to go back to Vegas, leave the snow and icky weather behind and be closer to Brett's family, but we are sad to leave all the family and friends and the life we've been living for the past 3 years behind. However, we thought we had it all firgured out and were hoping to be moving later this month. Well, as most of our close friends and family know we were waiting on just a few key things to get taken care of before we could leave NY, and we found out today that they would definitely not be taken care of by the end of this month and we have had to push back our moving date all the way to July. At first Brett and I were bummed (we had psyched ourselves up for the move and the drive), but we know that all things happen for a reason, and there is a good reason we will be spending some extra time in NY. On the bright side we are happy to be spending some extra time with the grandparents, and hope we can help them get their house ready to sell. We are also excited that spring is coming soon (but not soon enough) as spring in NY is one of my absolute favorite things. I love seeing the grounds go from being snow covered to the tulips blooming and the trees getting back their leaves and being able to go outside all day. So hopefully, pushing back our move date 13 weeks will give us time to prepare more for our move and enjoy NY a little longer.