Sunday, August 30, 2009

End Of summer

The leaves are already starting to turn and fall off the trees here in NY, and the forecast highs for this week are mid to upper 70s. Summers coming to an end (so sad). Not that we've had much of a summer here. It was only really warm for like two weeks here. Hopefully, a cold summer means a warm winter. The big new is our lives currently is that Makenna is officailly potty trained! Seems like I have been cramming potty training down her throat for about a year with little to no results, I tried everything everyone suggested and Makenna just wasn't getting it. Then, last Thursday Makenna actually asked me if she could wear her big girl underpants and she's been potty trained since. So glad to have that behind us. Also, Emma is starting to folllow simple commands. If you tell her to go lie down she will, and if you ask her to go get you something she will. I LOVE when she does stuff like that it's just so cute to see her trying to help and i love that she understands us. She does this really cute walk when she is doindg a task, she swings her little arms really hard and fast, that's how we know she means business. Yesterday, the girls and I had a yard sale, to get rid of some of their baby toys to make room for new ones Santa will bring, I can't believe we are already thinking about Christmas!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa Scott Visit and Palmyra

We are so glad that we had a chance to spend this past week with Grandma and Grandpa Scott (Brett's parents). Makenna and Emma LOVED seeing their grandparents. Since they have left Makenna has been asking me each day when they are coming over. Makenna loves anyone who loves (and pays any sort of attention to) her, so she really enjoyed playing games with them. Even Emma, who is super duper slow to warm up to anyone, let Grandma and Grandpa hold her so I was really impressed. You know someone is a kid person when Emma lets them hold her.
The most exciting thing we did with Brett's parents (and maybe even all summer) was to go to Palmyra. I am really just starting to learn alot about The Book of Mormon so this trip really gave me alot of insight and strengthened my testimony alot. For Brett, he said it was really inspiring to be able to put a picture and an actual feeling to all the stories he has read and learned about his whole life. The first place we visited was Joseph Smith's Farm. When Brett and I talked about it later, both of our favorite places on the trip were here. Brett really enjoyed the sacred grove (and so did Emma who wanted to, and i think did, sit on EVERY bench in the sacred grove, which anyone who has been there can tell you is alot). Brett thought it was much more peaceful and serene than he had invisioned it. My favorite place was upstairs in the Smith's Family house where Joseph saw the angel Moroni. Standing in that room you could really imagine how everything happened and it just has a undescribable feeling for me. Our next stop was the Hill Cumorah, which I did not know was going to be so steep! (Thank you so much to Keith who pushed sleeping Emma's stroller up the top of the hill, I really thought I could do it myself but gave up after only about a qurater of the way.) I think this was Makenna's favorite spot. She really liked the golden statue of Moroni there as well as the HUGE grass lawn to wrestle around with Daddy on. Our last sightseeing stop for the day was the Bookstore where the Book of Mormon was first published and sold. I really liked this place as the floor boards were the same ones that Joseph Smith walked on, and the had some really neat stuff there, like one of the Books of Mormon from the first printing. However, Makenna and Emma started to fall apart here and by the middle of the tour I had taken Makenna aside and she just ran and ran in circles around me until Emma wandered over and then the two of them started doing their ear peircing screeching. It was at that point we left the tour early and decided to let the girls go run off some of their energy back at the hotel. The next day we went back to walk through the sacred grove again, back to the hill Cumorah and walked around the grounds of the temple. Then it was back into the car for the 5 hour ride home, which both girls did awesome on, so proud. It was truly an inspring and spiritually moving trip and we feel so blessed to have been able to share the experience with Grandma and Grandpa Scott. And yes, i have lots and lots of pics i just need to get Brett to help me post them, which we hope will be soon :)