Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just A Few Pics Of Our Cuties

Making faces, encouraged by Daddy.

I was trying to get a picture of how sweet Brett and Makenna were playing together, but Brett has taught Makenna to cover her face when I break out the camera. This is so cute, the other day was Brett's day off and Emma was SO happy to have her Daddy home, but then he had to go to a doctor's appointment by himself! After he left Emma grabbed this stool and was looking out in to the garage whining for here Daddy. Such a Daddy's girl.

Grandpa helping the girls with their megablocks

Kenna posing.

Squishy little girl.

Monday, July 5, 2010

This is a Long one....But lots of Pics

This is the fourth of July : Makenna and Cheito relaxing together just before going out to watch fireworks
Emma it mean that i take pictures of her crying? I just think sometimes she is just too cute to help right away

Makenna's birthday pile o' presents

On Makenna';s birthday we went to the [park and met up with her bestest buddies Cheito and Aurora. We had a picnic and the kids ran around like crazy. Makenna loved it!

Makenna is obsessed with Hannah is the birthday cake i made her with her idol on it

On the sunday in between the Emma and Makenna's birthdays we had a big party at our house. Here is makenna showing me her blue tongue....their birthday cake was blue by request of both birthday girls...if it were up to me it would have been pink

Makenna is obsessed with Baby Sophia...

Emma is scared of birthday cakes (not a fan of the whole candle thing) so at their party i made emma a special cupcake just for her to have, and this girls does LOVE cupcakes

Makenna put this birthday hat on Baby Sophia. Makenna will decorate anything or anyone who sits still long enough

Emma on her birthday

Emma's Brobee cake

Emma totally knew what to do with her pile o' presents

On their birthdays we do all the things the girls love. Emma loves being naked, watching tv and pizza, so naturally this is her birthday dinner

Emma also loves ice cream

For Emma's birthday my mom and i took both girls to get manicures. Makenna goes every other week with grandma and gets her nails done so she was pro at this, but this was the first time Emma got her nails done

and she loved it!
I love Makenna's belly hanging out

Emma love dressing up. I really like this mix of pirate hat and heels

Makenna started taking tae kwon do this summer. She's still taking dance too, and dance remains her favorite much to her daddy's dismay

but man she looks cute in her little outfit

Brett and i took the girls up to Lake George for a couple of days. It was such a nice trip

Our hotel looked out onto the lake and had their own private beach on the lake. The girls loved this patio in our room

At night on the private beach at our hotel

cute kid

Seriously cute kids

Emma loves this cat. His name is Strummer and he is huge, he's got to be over 20 lbs. Emma literally sits on him and rides him all the time and the cat totally lets her, even more the cat absolutely loves Makenna

Ready for tpool

We took the kids up to six flags great escape. Here is makenna, cheito and aurora on their favorite ride.

and on the train

They had a bunch of these cute playhouses for the kids to play in

Makenna dna aurora with cinderella

I think this is hilarious. Makenna really sleeps with these masks over her eyes, only during the day when she takes naps (yes i am lucky enough that she still naps) because, and i quote" the afternoon light bothers my eyes"

When the fair was in town my parents and i took the girls. Makenna loved all the cheesy games
Makenna throwing darts. I thought this was going to be a really bad idea but she was really good at it and popped a balloon each time

emma and grandpa at the fair

only makenna could talk grandma into getting on these swings

Emma in her protective gear

Makenna in her protective gear

Like i said the emma loves pizza. The girls love making pizza for dinner. I love emma's face in this picture, she makes this face all the time when she is concentrating

We also took the girls to their first Yankees game which they both loved

Makenna was super psyched to get cotton candy at the game

In front of the stadium

love this face

We took the kids on a picnic at Vanderbilt mansion. this is the only pic i got. Brett kept our kids plus my friends kids entertained while we chatted and passed around the baby, i love Brett for all the little things he does like this

Emma passed out on her daddy

Brett and i took the girls on a hbike up Mohonk mountain to mohonk lake. Really it was 7 miles of me and brett pushing the girls in the stroller up a mountain. it was fun but needless to say we are gonna wait until the girls can walk the whole way before we atke them on a hike like that again. Anyway, here's emma in the car after the hike.

It was super beautiful on top of the mountain. We were so high up the birds of prey were hunting just a few feet above us. It was awesome to watch the hawks and eagles hunt so close by

On top of the mountain on the lake their is this...Mohonk mountain house, this is only half of it! It's huge, really old and so beautiful

Here's the other half

Here is mohonk lake. there are HUGE fish is this lake, the girls loved it
There are also a bunch of rocking chairs surrounding the lake, very nice

Emma's first haircut

Makenna loves putting together puzzles.