Friday, October 28, 2011

Springs Preserves Haunted Harvest

My lil' trick-or-treaters
Pooped out Princess

Saturday, October 15, 2011


Such a Pretty Girl
I could just squeeze my little Emma Bear
Pumpkin Patch on Flamingo
Haha... you would think I took this after they've been asleep for hours based on their positions but this is like 10 minutes after bedtime...they sleep like their Daddy
Popcorn and a movie
Sleepover with Anneliese...Makenna and Emma can't get enough of our sweet little niece
Dress Up
Makenna is in LOOOOVE with Disney characters, me and Brett had a hard time tearing her away from them to go get on rides
I love how when Brett actually has some time off our girls attach themselves to him, such Daddy girls
Teacups, I love the look of concern on Emma's face, I felt the same way about getting into a teacup with Brett spinning it.