Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Best Present Ever!

I admit I am a pretty hard person to shop for. I am not into electronincss or dvds and beside for the gorgeous diamond earrings I recieved for Mother's day from Brett and the girls, jewlery is not my thing either. However, Makenna gave me the best birthday present ever! I was giving Makenna and Emma a bath like I do pretty much every night, and I took Makenna out of her bath wrapped her up in her towel and while I was taking Emma out I could her Makenna saying something that was just music to my ears. I turned around and asked Makenna to repeat what she just said and she bowed her head, crossed her arms, closed her eyes and said softly "Heavenly Father Thank you for my mommy. Amen". Now that's enough to bring this mom to tears. After me coaxing her she said it once more. Now I need to say that Makenna barely ever sits still for family prayer and I have NEVER heard her pray on her own before so this was just the best gift from her that I could possibly imagine!