Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Little Bit About Our Fall

Blues Clues Pumpkin, Emma is absolutely amazed by the glowing pumpkin.
Makenna is such a big girl this year, previous years she painted a pumpkin while Daddy carved one, but this year (although Daddy did do most of the work) Kenna helped out with the carving.

Love this picture.

Cheito is Makenna's best friend. They are ridicously cute together. I love how they can play for hours and never fight.

My little monkey in her favorite monkey pjs

My best friend is going to school to become a teacher. She really wants to be a art teacher for grade school children. This semester she has to do a case study on pre kindergarten children and how they learn. Makenna is her project for the semester. Stasia worked on a project with Kenna
on colors and textures, here's the picture Kenna made. When Stasia wrote up her report after working with Makenna, Makenna way ahead of where most children her age are, knew it ;)

Makenna and Aunt Stasia working on their project. Emma wanted in on the project so bad.

Every year Stasia and I wake up real early on the second Saturday of October and head out
to the Orchard near our house to take the kids pumpkin picking. We try and go early because we always wind up spending hours there doing all the different activites and the place gets CRAZY busy about noon. Here's Emma picking out a pumpkin
Makenna and her gourd.

It felt like the kids got so big this year. I remember taking Makenna and she was barely bigger than the pumkins, now she can pull the wagon all by herself.

So they had a poster with all differnt Halloween items to paint on the kid's faces. Emma sits down and the man asked her which item she wanted I told him to just do a pumpkin but before he could start Emma grab his hand and told him she wanted a blue flower (which wasn't even a choice), gotta love a girl who knows what she wants.

Makenna and Cheito had no problem getting their faces in the right places, but check out Frankenstein and you can see Emma trying her hardest to peek out.