Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Long Overdue Tag

Well this is my first time blogging but since Daniel tagged me a few weeks ago I decided it was time to start. I've been procrastinating like usual, but since Osama Bin Laden made the list before I did, i hoped no one would mind if I took my time. Our little family is doing well and we're all looking forward to spending some time together in a few weeks.

8 Favorite Shows
Burn Notice
Sons of Anarchy
Cold Case
Man vs Wild
Survivor: Gabon (mandy's going to
give me a hard time about that)
Wow! Wow! Wubbzy
Anything that doesn't have Dora in it
8 Favorite Restaurants
La Stazione
Jackalope BBQ
Panda Express
Mon ami Gabi
Bradley Ogden's
Rocco's Pizzeria
8 Things I Did Yesterday
Spent some time with my famiy
Wrestled with Makenna and Emma
Carved another pumpkin (wubbzy died)
Got Makennas hair cut
Caught up on my shows
8 Things I Look Forward To
Meeting Emmett
Living In Las Vegas
Being able to type without Mandy reading
over my shoulder
A winter without icy roads
Having a few weeks off
Showing Colby my sweet scar, though
I'm sure he'll be over it way before then
Spending time with my family for Thanksgiving
Emmas first words
8 Favorite Things About Fall
Colder Weather (I don't mind hot humid weather
but it's nice when it cools down)
Fall foliage
New shows on TV
Carving pumpkins
Christmas Shopping
8 Things On My Wish List
A nice home in Vegas
A good job
A little Brett Jr. (that won't be his name though)
A Blue-Ray player
To win the lottery
Plasma TV
Mandy to stop reading over my shoulder
A happy healthy family
8 People I Tag
Mom and Dad (when they start their Blog)
John McCain

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Makenna loves putting "together" the tupperware.

I really like the way this Barbie cake came out.

Emma has started playing with toys.


Pretty Blue Eyes.

She sits in here alot. Daddy does not approve of this.

Look how big she's getting!

Daddy didn't kn0w I was snapping this picture. I caught him being a big cuddly bear with his girls.

Fudge at 9 am.

I know the sun is in her face. Poor kid.

Sleepover with cousin Noah.

This is the first cake Makenna ever decorated or helped with. Usually she just dances around the kitchen while i cook or bake but this time she helped. She wanted to write everyone in the house name on the cake and cover it with orange sugar.

I think they look alike.

Ugh! So I took Makenna and Emma to the doctor's yesterday, and it was not a fun trip at all! Which is sad considering how excited I was to see how big Emma got. Well, I will probably never look forward to taking the girls to the doctor's again! First off, Makenna has been battling a yeast infection for about three weeks now and has been to the doctor's once a week for it since it started. Finally, the doctor gave her an oral medicine for it that is suppose to be super strong so we are praying it helps. She gets these rashes all the time, I could just cry for her when I see how uncomfortable she is. Doctor says some kids are just real prone to them and to keep pushing the potty training (which Makenna is currently rebelling against). Also, since Makenna has been at the doctor's so often the doctor keeps checking her ears and she has had fluid in her ears every time we go, but she has also had three cold recently too. So, next month Makenna has to go back and have her ears checked. If there's still fluid then she needs to go see an ear, nose and throat specialist about having tubes put in. Ugh! This is when my stomach started to tie itself into knots. I know tubes are quite common, but I hate the thought of her being put out for the surgery. Ugh! Next was Emma's turn. Most moms know when the doctor spends alot of time doing any one thing on your child it's not a good sign. So you could imagine how anxious I was when the doctor spent about what seemed like eternity listening to Emma's heart. When the doctor finally told me that she thinks Emma will have to go see a pediatric cardiologist I just burst out into tears. The doctor thinks poor little Emma may have a heart murmur. She's not quite sure that she does, but she doesn't like that way her heart sounds. The doctor says she confident that if it is a murmur it is most likely the type that will close on it's own in time, and is not that uncommon in infants. Nonetheless, I am a nervous wreck about it and will be until Emma goes to see the specialist on November 18th. I cannot believe we have to wait three weeks! Ugh! I have been sick to my stomach since going to the doctor's yesterday. Good news is Emma is 16 lbs. 2 ozs. and 25 inches long, and the doctor says if it was anything serious she would not be growing so well. Still, I will not be reassured until the specialist says there is nothing to worry about.
Okay, so I haven't posted in a long time, and things are not all bad here. I took the girls for their halloween pictures on Monday and they turned out so cute. As soon as they come back I will try and post them. Emma rolled over for the first time on Tuesday! She rolled from her tummy to her back twice in a row! She has also done it a bunch of times since. I know I am suppose to be happy that she is rolling, but I really want to keep her little and am not in any rush for her to grow up at all. I LOVE having a newborn in the house again and I could keep Emma this age for a very long time. I took Makenna nd Emma pumpkin picking a while back too. We also took their cousin Noah and went with my friend and her little boy so we all had LOTS of fun. I can't believe we spent over 3 hours there! Makenna had to pick up EVERY pumkin she passed and it took her forever to find two that she liked enough to take home. She is such a perfectionist just like her dad.