Thursday, April 15, 2010


I LOVE how excited Makenna is for ALL the holidays now, it's just SO much fun now that she is a bit older, she gets super excited.

We could not convince Emma to color eggs with us, pretty shocking considering how much she loves to color.

Makenna "reading" to Emma.


The Pfau's said...

Sooo Cute!! I love how excited Makenna is for Easter. Holidays are always better with kids. It seems like sometimes Iris doesn't even know what she excited for but is so excited because Koben is. Iris saw this post and told me she wanted to go to Makenna's house. If only we were neighbors those two would be in heaven. We love you guys!! Thanks for posting pictures of your girls. It seems like I can't ever get enough of them!!

Deanna said...

How cute are they!!!! I love love love all the pictures. Looks like a GREAT easter.

Ken and Kim Cutler said...

How do your girls get cuter each post!! What a fun time!